The 4 Types Of Knives You Need In The Kitchen


Your cooking will always be as good as the tools you use. The essential tool in the kitchen is a knife. While most of us who cook at home make do with a single knife that is not the optimal way to prepare food. The Kitchen Calls illustrates the different types of knives one can use and how to store them. In this piece, the limelight will be on just four types of knives. To know more about how the knife industry is booming read this review.

• A Cook’s Knife
A cook’s knife is the one you see in movies where the chef chops vegetables without lifting the tip of the knife. Also called a chef’s knife, it can be forged with a blade length that ranges from 6 to 12 inches. It is the most useful knife in the kitchen because of its wide handle and deep dip that protects the knuckles. It can be used to dice or mince a variety of things like peppers, onions, nut meats or celery. The knife is used in a rocking motion to dice or slice a vegetable without moving the top point. This knife can also be used to carve roasts while they are hot.

• A Utility Knife
All vegetables and fruits that are not solid like tomatoes can be sliced using a utility knife. It has a six-inch blade with a sharp point that efficiently slices through them. The knife is made of stainless steel to ensure that it can be used on acidic fruits. Some of the jobs you can perform with this knife are halving oranges, cut lettuce into wedges, create big melon rings or use it on cabbage before it is shred.

• A Paring Knife
This type of knife comes in various styles. The most common of them are the clip, curved, sharp and spear point. The curved or sharp point kind of paring knife can be used to create delicate rings out vegetables like pepper. They can also be used to sliver cherries and olives that can be then used to dress salads. When you need to eye potatoes or remove seeds or peel and pit a fruit, the best choice is a clip point paring knife. The spear point paring knife, on the other hand, is used to peel fruits, remove heads of lettuce and cabbage or even to remove corn from the cob.

• A Boning Knife
This knife is used for boning roasts, lamb and veal legs or whole hams. This is generally done when the food is partially cooked in order to get extra servings. The blade of the boning knife can be as small as four inches or as long as eight inches. It is wide and stiff; therefore, it can even cut through raw meat. The boning knife is also used for trimming thin cuts of meat.

Though there are many other kinds of knives offered in the market, these were just some that are essentially needed in a kitchen.

Natural Ways To Boost Up Your Energy

Did you know that you can boost your energy naturally without popping in all those vitamin tablets, herbs or health supplements? Yes! You can do it! Why opt for artificial methods when you can easily go the all-natural ways? Moreover, the truth is that till date there is no proper scientific evidence that all these artificial energy boosters like guarana, chromium picolinate or ginseng work. So why opt for artificial methods which don’t even have scientific proofs and spoil your health? Here are some of the natural methods to unveil the new, energized and bubbly self:

Stress- Control It!
Stress is one of those negative factors that always drains one’s energy. Stress causes emotions that uses up all the energy within you and leave you devastated and tired. Hence, whenever stress starts cropping up, try to get help by talking with a close friend or relative. If that also doesn’t help, you can try taking psychiatric help by visiting a psychotherapist. You could opt for some relaxing therapies like yoga, self-hypnosis, tai chi and meditation techniques to ward off the stress elements and re-energize your soul.

Never Overload Yourself!
This is one of the most common causes of energy depletion. We often take up heavier loads that can never be managed alone by a single person. The load can be in the form of work commitments, family obligations or social responsibilities. Only take up a load you can carry comfortably and easily. Never overload yourself and make life miserable for both you and your near ones. Always set your priorities and leave time for family and friends. Ask for help at the workplace if you have too much work to be done.

Practice Exercises
Exercising regularly is not only good for your body. It also helps to lighten up your mood and get you a good night’s sleep. Exercise helps in burning the energy of body cells much more effectively. It also improves the oxygen circulation all over the body. Exercising also prompts the body to release off the stress hormones like norepinephrine and epinephrine. This, in turn, helps you feel much more energized. Start exercising with a daily morning walk and then start adopting other exercise methods.

Stop Smoking!
It is a known fact that smoking is detrimental to the health. But, there is also an unknown fact that smoking drains off one’s energies and causes insomnia. Tobacco used for smoking contains the harmful ingredient named nicotine. It causes an increase in blood pressure, heartbeat, and acts as a stimulant in activating the brain-wave activities. This causes sleep issues, and the person will have a difficult time trying to sleep. Even if you can sleep, the addictive powers awaken you with the cravings and stop you from getting a good, long and peaceful sleep. Sleeplessness naturally causes a decrease in energy and makes you tired all day. Hence, it is always better and healthy to stop smoking!

These are some of the great ways to boost up your energies just by incorporating some small changes in your lifestyle naturally!